Use this page for making a web-based reservation in English. *Please note that all of our guest rooms are non-smoking type. | 上高地大正池ホテル

The only accommodation facility at Taisho-ike Pond.

Use this page for making a web-based reservation in English.
*Please note that all of our guest rooms are non-smoking type.

When making a reservation on the web

Note for those who make a web-based reservation:
*All of our guest rooms are non-smoking type.

Notes regarding transportation access

If you are coming by private car:

Driving private cars into the Kamikochi area is restricted. So you must transfer to a bus or taxi at Sawando or Hirayu. Departure time for the last bus service is around17:00.Don’t miss it.

If you are coming by rail (Matsumoto Dentetsu Railways’ Kamikochi Line):

Get off the train at Shin-shimashima Station, then board a Kamikochi-bound bus. Since the departure time of the last Kamikochi-bound bus is around 16:45, remember to leave Matsumoto Station by around16:00.

Making a reservation

  • After making a reservation on the web, you will receive an e-mail from our hotel for confirmation of your reservation, such as the date(s) of your stay and the number of guests coming with you. Please be sure to keep a copy of the confirmation e-mail because it will be necessary when cancelling or changing your reservation.
  • Only some of our total guest rooms are set aside for web-based reservations.
  • This means that there may still be vacancies even if the rooms available for web-based reservations are fully booked. In such a case, please call our hotel directly to check for vacancies.
  • Since it is our policy not to accept a web-based reservation request made within one day of your intended stay, please make an inquiry directly by phone.

To cancel a web-based reservation

To cancel a web-based reservation, please do it from the following URL: “Cancel your web-based reservation here”

Your baggage

*We will be pleased to check and look after your baggage before check-in and after check-out.

*We also offer a service to deliver your baggage to the baggage room at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal. (For a fee)

  • A delivery fee of \100 will be charged per piece of baggage.
  • You will be requested to pay a storage fee when retrieving your baggage at the baggage room.
  • The storage fee varies according to the size of your baggage.
  • We will depart with your baggage for the baggage room at 10:00 a.m.

*For details, please inquire at the front desk.

When cancelling a reservation

*In the event you cancel your reservation, you will be requested to pay a cancellation fee according to the following table of charges that are calculated from the date of your intended check-in.

  • One to three days prior to check-in: 30% of accommodation charge
  • On the day of check-in: 50% of accommodation charge
  • Cancelling without prior notice: 100% of accommodation charge

Note: Cancelling on the day of check-in will be accepted only until noon; 100% cancellation fee will apply thereafter.

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