Hotel Overview & Access | 上高地大正池ホテル

The only accommodation facility at Taisho-ike Pond.

Hotel Overview & Access

Taishoike Hotel is just in front of the Taisho-ike bus stop.

If you are coming by private car:

  • Driving private cars into the Kamikochi area is restricted throughout the year. So you are requested to use a bus or taxi from the Sawando or Hirayu car park.
  • Parking charge is ¥600 per day either at the Sawando or Hirayu car park.
  • From Sawando or Hirayu, the last Kamikochi-bound bus departure time is around 17:00.
  • Bus services from Sawando or Hirayu to Kamikochi are operated at intervals of about 20 minutes. The price of a round-trip ticket is ¥2,000.

If you are coming by rail:

  • Use a train from Matsumoto Sta. to Shin-shimashima Sta. Take a bus from Shin-shimashima Sta. for Kamikochi.
  • Since the departure time of the last Kamikochi-bound bus from Shin-shimashima Sta. is around 16:45, remember to leave Matsumoto Sta. by around 16:00.

Points to keep in mind when using a bus

Boarding a bus from Taishoike bus stop

  • Buses bound for Kamikochi Bus Terminal
    Bus services are available throughout the day.
    During daylight hours, buses are operated at intervals of about 20 minutes.
  • Buses bound for Sawando Chushajo and Hirayu Onsen
    Quite convenient bus service is available during morning hours. (Although there is no timetable, bus service is available at intervals of about 30 minutes.)
    However, we suggest you take a bus starting from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal especially during the Golden Week holiday season and the peak summer tourist season because from around noon it can become increasingly crowded and difficult to get a seat at the Taishoike bus stop.
  • Shin-shimashima Station-bound buses departing from Kamikochi Bus Terminal
    It is almost always possible to secure a seat at the Taishoike bus stop on the first bus departing from Kamikochi Bus Terminal around 8:00 in the morning. When it comes to buses departing after 9:00, it is better to use a bus starting from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal. However, during the off season you can secure a seat most any time of the day.

“Josha seiri-ken” tickets for boarding order

  • “Josha seiri-ken” or numbered tickets are necessary only for buses bound for Shin-shimashima and Shirahone Onsen/Norikura Kogen. But such tickets are not necessary for buses bound for Sawando Chushajo (car park) and Hirayu Onsen.
  • Please note that these tickets are used only to indicate the order of your boarding, not for seat reservation.
    Ticket examination begins 10 minutes before the departure time and passengers are allowed to board the bus according to the number printed on the “Josha seiri-ken.”
    “Josha seiri-ken” tickets become invalid if the ticket bearer is not present at the ticket examination time or in the case of a passenger boarding at any bus stop along the way. So, make sure to board the bus at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal.
  • “Josha seiri-ken” tickets are available at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal ticket office from one day prior to the date of boarding.

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